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How it works

Voopty is Educational Network which connects those who are searching for a school or an educator/coach and those who provide educational/coaching services. The search engine now working at Kharkiv, Ukraine and we want to expand globally.

Ballet schools in Kharkiv, Ukraine(some of schools have few branches)

Schools, studios, tutors, coaches are grouped by categories, there are additional filters to find institutions or persons who provide remote education, private classes, have a program for people with special needs, veterans, adaptive athletes. For educators, we have CRM system which supports online schedule, different access level for the school employees, attendance tracking, accounting automatization, email/telegram notifications, online booking, QR-core subscriptions. Each school can create a public page for free. The page is a good alternative for business card website with pictures, prices, schedule, and reviews. The pages are managed by owners using Voopty CRM. Not only is our goal to sell CRM, but feed the search engine with high-quality content. For that reason we have a free plan, so everyone can use it.

More information about CRM and pricing here

Our Clients

In theory, everyone who uses/provides educational or coaching service is potential Voopty client. Here we will tell you about some of our CRM customers. CRM customer - is small and mid size schools, tutors or coaches.

Family club Mechta.

Our first and that is why very special customer. Continuous growth of clients made the club consider an option of automation. The club had to manage bigger number of clients without loosing a quality. They use online attendance tracking and send notification to clients with balance status updates. Mechta is actively using public Voopty page with online schedule, the schedule is complex and depends on kids age. Before Voopty, Mechta's manager had to tell the info by phone. Yeah... Now she simply sends the link to parents.

ESL Tutor Anastaiia Vynogradenko

It appeared that good tutors don’t need any marketing at all, that is why Anastasiia doesn’t need a public page. Anastaiia uses CRM to manage her student. We solved the issue with slackers for her. She needs the info to clean up her schedule from on-and-off students and give a slot to someone who will study regularly. The tutor quit doing paper reporting and gave a New Year resolution to open her own English language school. Anastaiia is confident that she can manage bigger number of clients with Voopty.

Pole Studio Kharkiv

For these hot ladies we created a web site with Voopty engine. The girls are using online schedule, CRM and Telegram bot to send all kind of notifications about subscription status, cancellations, news etc. Thanks to the online schedule feature number of attendance increased. Dancers who woke up or left work earlier can check is any spots left on their favorite class and make last minute reservation.

Attendance chart

*For classes like Pole Dance, it is crucial to limit the number of dancers (less or equal to the number of poles in a classroom). In general, many coaches or educators would be happy to know a list of clients attending their class in advance, but it is impossible to manage a big number of clients without automation. They just need an easy and reliable tool for that.

Look how different those clients are: kids, languages, sports! They all are served by Voopty CRM

We can spend hours talking about our customer, a service they provide and how Voopty CRM helps them. Education and coach market is incredibly big and have high demand all over the world. Most of them are in grey area now, we hope that our project can bring more transparency and visibility to both sides.

Also, we would like to stress: good, experienced educators and coaches don’t need marketing or partnerships with someone like Classpass. They have a big client base on their own(people always queue for a good kindergarten!). What they need in a first place is CRM! But not that heavy and expensive like MindBody.We are aiming to win the majority of them with affordable and light CRM first, then it will be much easier to convince our customers to join Voopty-pass programs.

Thanks for you time!